Best Investment Banking Schools

The best investment banking schools are those that produce a significant number of analysts and have large alumni networks in the finance industry. These are often referred to as target schools and large bulge bracket banks reserve analyst positions in their programs for students from these schools.

In terms of particular schools, Ivy league schools like Harvard and Yale are among the most well regarded for their capacity to produce investment bankers (although this is an generalization). Other top schools on the list include Wharton at University of Pennsylvania; Booth at Chicago; Stern at NYU; Kellogg at Northwestern; Darden at UVA and Fuqua at Duke. Other prestigious colleges such as Imperial College London and New York City’s Baruch College are also on the list.

Alternatively, you could take a class run by Wall Street Prep which is used to train new employees at a variety of bulge bracket investment banks. This is an excellent course that covers the majority of the fundamentals of IB and is a very good alternative for those hoping to enter the field or who want to improve their chances in a competitive market.

If you’re able to, it’s also available on edx. However, if you don’t have the time or energy to commit to such an in depth course, it may be better to concentrate on getting some experience in deal-making and financial modeling, perhaps even via internships.