Project Data Fields in Runn

Project data is all the information about a particular project which is gathered, documented and stored. It may include a project plan, budget, timeline, and resources.

The purpose of collecting and analyzing project data is to increase productivity, enhance quality and deliver projects on time and within budget. In addition to providing a complete report of the work completed an accurate and complete project data also aids other aspects of a project, such as change management or scheduling updates, resolution of defects and cost analysis.

Utilizing a reliable project management software that is centrally accessible across platforms can greatly improve your ability to gather, organize and analyze project information to make better strategic decisions. It can also eliminate duplicates, errors and omissions. Runn allows you to set up the same fields across all your online platforms to track Project Status, Project timelines, and resource usage. This allows you compare data and performance across different platforms over an extended period of time.

Using the Project Data Fields tool in Runn, it is possible to create eight different types of Data Fields. The most common are List and Check. List-type data fields permit you to select a value using a menu. They can also be used to color Tasksbars. If the Data Field labels change continuously they can also be used to track Project progress. Check-type Data Fields are useful to verify that they are used to determine whether a Task has been completed or not. By checking the Required box, you can make certain Data Fields mandatory for all Users.