How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

It’s difficult to ensure that everyone’s viewpoint is heard and considered when you have a diverse set of board members. The more board members feel like their time and expertise is being valued and respected, the more engaged they will be how to host a board meeting in discussions. The agenda should be planned carefully and distributing it before the deadline and deciding on the best time, selecting the appropriate location, and having easy access to all resources is essential.

It is important to have a communication channel open with your board members, even if you’re not in a formal meeting. It can prevent bad news or other issues from being discussed in the first meeting, and can help build the bonds between directors. Having short interruptions in the meeting space can help to keep meetings productive.

Limiting the topics that are discussed at a board meeting is an excellent way to boost the efficiency of the meetings. The importance of focusing on two topics for each board meeting will help keep the discussion focused, and allow for more relevant discussions.

Board members are often annoyed when a discussion drifts off topic or is led by a single person. This can be extremely frustrating for board members, especially after they’ve spent time creating the agenda and are distracted by non-related topics.

Encourage officers and committee chairs, prior to the meeting, to distribute bullet-pointed summaries for long reports. This will allow more time to be spent on strategic discussions without the necessity for board members to endure lengthy presentations.