Choosing a Data Governance Tool

A data management tool can help organizations keep data consistency and reliability and ensure compliance with regulations governing data. It assists data stewards and supports intelligent decision-making across the company. It offers a single view at all metadata and data to make finding and searching easier. Its functionality also includes data lineage tracking, which enables users to track the source and transformation of data through its lifespan.

Egnyte is a highly rated cloud data governance solution that provides robust encryption of files and security features to secure collaboration and data sharing. The platform is also compatible with various CRM and platforms and allows for easy integration with workflows that are already in place. In addition to its features for data governance it also provides other data management functions, such as data cataloging and metadata management. Pricing starts at $10/user/month for their Team plan, which is a ideal choice for companies seeking to streamline and consolidate data governance.

The most effective data governance software is flexible enough to adapt and change with changing requirements. For example tools that are unable to adapt to workflows or develop custom data quality policies and rules will not be able to serve as the basis of your governance practices. Find a solution whose capabilities can be customized to meet your business needs.

The size and nature of your company will determine the right solution for you. Review your current data infrastructure, regulatory compliance requirements, and business goals to determine what features are essential. Data discovery and cataloging, metadata management, compliance and security features are among the most important aspects to think about.