Board Software Review

Board Software is an advanced business intelligence and planning tool. It comes with a user-friendly, self-service interface that allows users of all levels to create customized analysis, reports and application management software. It provides granular security to control who is able to access what information on a cell-by-cell basis. It comes with a multi-layer information gateway that translates disparate data sources into Board’s native format for immediate access and provides unified views of performance.

Board is able to support all the common organizational tasks including budget approvals, strategy management and report distribution, but also provides support for non-universal tasks like project planning, data visualization and predictive analytics. This flexibility allows for more precise forecasting as well as informed decisions regardless of size or industry. The software also helps eliminate manual processes by automating workflows and decreasing the time needed to complete tasks, freeing staff to perform other tasks.

Board allows users to organize and manage meetings with a simple scheduler that is accessible on any device. Meeting notes, actions items, and votes are synchronized in real-time, and directors are able to collaborate on documents offline or online via the various annotation tools available. Video tools for conferencing and presentations permit remote meetings. Page synchronization ensures everyone sees the identical document at the same time.

Board provides a variety of support options available to customers, with online community forums along with wiki how-tos as well as other information available on the website of the vendor. The team can also offer on-site support and training packages to help with specific issues.