Hybrid Board Meetings

Hybrid board meetings are now the standard as board members return to face-to-face meetings. This new method allows the possibility of having meetings in person and remotely simultaneously, reducing costs and increasing accessibility. Whether your organization opts for all-virtual meetings, meetings in person with remote participants, or both, it’s vital to establish meeting guidelines and expectations to ensure everyone feels valued. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure that the technology is working properly and clear guidelines are established for participation and establishing a clear purpose for communication.

Hybrid board meeting are not without challenges. Some board members might be frustrated that they can’t meet with their peers in the same room. Others may feel that their contributions are less valuable since they aren’t able to provide context to their colleagues. Experts in meeting design suggest that you concentrate on proactive measures that promote collaboration. This includes opening virtual rooms to encourage interaction prior to and during meetings, and during breaks. Additionally, you can utilize tools like a board portal to centralize your board’s activities.

Another issue that is common is the existence of different levels of technical expertise among board members. As a result, remote participants could be excluded from the discussion or their participation may be restricted due to poor audio or video quality or a poor internet connection. You can assist your board in navigating these obstacles by educating participants on how to utilize technology and making sure they have reliable equipment available before the meeting.

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