Business Functions and Organizations

Business functions are the processes which allow a company to operate. They cover a wide array of activities, ranging from finance to human resources to marketing. They assist companies in meeting their daily objectives and generate revenue, and ensure that the company is functional.

When departments or teams can clearly define their core business functions they are able to comprehend the extent of what they are doing. This helps them avoid interfering in the work of other people. This helps them manage their resources and workflows more effectively.

If your company sells physical goods you might have multiple departments that manage the manufacturing process. There may be departments for customer service, shipping and logistics. Each of these departments must be able to cooperate in order to provide the best products and services to your customers. A chart of accountability which outlines each department’s roles and areas of responsibility is an excellent way to define clear business functions and eliminate any overlap.

Utilizing tools such as Functionly, you can create org charts and accountability charts that highlight the key business functions, as well as the roles of employees that support those tasks. This allows you to better organize your team and minimize the number of times you work. It also helps you remain flexible in adapting to changes in the market. If a particular task requires the expertise of several departments, putting together teams of cross-functional experts to complete it is a good idea. This means that your business can more effectively respond to shifts in the market, and also achieve goals that are strategic.