What Is a Board Room?

A boardroom is a meeting room used for meetings between a company’s Board of Directors as well as senior management. These meetings are used to discuss key issues and the board is responsible for making sure that the company’s decision-making process is in accordance with the interests of shareholders. In spoken communications, “boardrooms are also a reference to activities that are believed to be occurring in an office for business purposes despite not actually taking place in one.

A boardroom can be found in any building but typically, it is located in the corporate offices. It can seat up to twenty people and is typically equipped with large touchscreens that allow visual presentations in meetings. The typical meeting will have an agenda that is scheduled ahead of time so participants know what they can expect during the meeting.

Most board rooms contain storage cabinets that can be used to store different kinds of audio-visual equipment when it’s not in use. A typical boardroom setup will include a doc cam or Blu-ray player, an LCD display and projector. Based on the layout and size of the room, it might be necessary for multiple screens to be set up along with an Extron DVS605 Plus scaling switcher to accommodate different sources. Most boardrooms also have video conference equipment that permits attendees to join the meeting from a distance away from the physical meeting room.